I finally decided to start blogging and I couldn't think of a better way than to journal about the utmost secret details of our life then on the internet for everyone to read! But seriously, I spend my days cooking, gardening, living as organically and as frugally as possible all while raising my boys and taking care of hubby! So please join me as I venture through the days trying to be like Mother Hubbard instead of Mommy Dearest!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Joseph's Awards Ceremony

Today was Joseph's first awards ceremony of the year, and it was great! I am so proud of Joseph. He received two awards today, Perfect Attendance and Most Improved Academically. Both awards were not easy to achieve and we are very proud of Joseph's efforts. Perfect attendance has never been an award he's received because of all his doctor's appointments and he has always struggled academically because of his learning disability and receiving most improved academically shows that all his hard work studying has paid off. Did I mention how proud I am of him yet? Because I am, he tries so hard and stays up late reading and reviewing all his work and to get recognized for his efforts is absolutely amazing! When the teacher told me he was going to receive this award at our parent conference I cried, I felt like we finally conquered a piece of NF!
P.S. This morning Joseph asked if I was going to the awards ceremony and I said I didn't know because we were never told if he'd be receiving an award (I wanted him to be surprised). But in true Joseph fashion, he said he was going to dress up and comb his hair "super nice" just in case they called his name! He's grown out of suit, otherwise he would have been wearing his suit and tie for the awards!

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