I finally decided to start blogging and I couldn't think of a better way than to journal about the utmost secret details of our life then on the internet for everyone to read! But seriously, I spend my days cooking, gardening, living as organically and as frugally as possible all while raising my boys and taking care of hubby! So please join me as I venture through the days trying to be like Mother Hubbard instead of Mommy Dearest!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Noah's Preschool Orientation

Noah started preschool back in August. He was so excited to go and be just like big brother, and then we got there, and umm?? Let's just say we had a bit of a rough start...
(Please note: Although I may be smiling in this picture of child torture I can promise you that I was all for pulling him out of preschool and letting him stay with me until Kindergarten, BUT Manny a "friend" I know felt that if I did that he'd eventually turn into a highschool drop-out. )
Fast forward to present day and he now loves school, he loves his teachers, his friends and is on track for eventually completing high school! So tonight as I walked into the preschool parent orientation feeling like a success story for potential preschool drop outs, I was so excited to see all his artwork and extremely thankful that I didn't receive a complaint from the teacher that he's a bully or only draws headless people. Instead I heard he was a good little boy and a cutie and I saw this:
Isn't it the cutest little spider you've ever seen? I'm so glad I made him stay and never pulled him out for crying. I must say it was a wise decision on my part! (wink-wink!)

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