I finally decided to start blogging and I couldn't think of a better way than to journal about the utmost secret details of our life then on the internet for everyone to read! But seriously, I spend my days cooking, gardening, living as organically and as frugally as possible all while raising my boys and taking care of hubby! So please join me as I venture through the days trying to be like Mother Hubbard instead of Mommy Dearest!

Friday, October 21, 2011


I have had several people ask me about my CSA, so today I thought I'd talk about it. CSA stands for community shared agriculture and in my never ending quest to feed my family healthier and organically I thought a CSA would be the best choice for my family. I am a member of Farm Fresh to You and I love it! They send me a box of organic produce a week for around $30 a shipment. The kids get so excited and can't wait to see what fruits and veggies will be on our doorstep every Friday morning. I love knowing the boys are eating healthy, and are excited about fruits and vegetable and I LOVE not going to the grocer every week. Because of the CSA I now only go to the store about twice a month for milk and other staples. Not going to the grocer every week saves us a lot of money and with organic milk costing $6-$7 a gallon I need to pinch those pennies anyway I can! Now if only I could raise my own milking cow? Hmmm? I'll save that idea for another day, but if you'd like more information or would like to join a CSA you can click here and read more about it and be sure to mention I sent you along with promo code 6164  and you'll receive $5 off your first order! Woo-hoo to that!
*I must mention that a few fruits are missing because Noah snatched the green grapes and Joe took 2 kiwis to school for snacks. Like I said above, the kids act like it's Christmas when the box arrives!

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