I finally decided to start blogging and I couldn't think of a better way than to journal about the utmost secret details of our life then on the internet for everyone to read! But seriously, I spend my days cooking, gardening, living as organically and as frugally as possible all while raising my boys and taking care of hubby! So please join me as I venture through the days trying to be like Mother Hubbard instead of Mommy Dearest!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wild Wednesday

Ugh! In our house we have Manic Monday's and Wild Wednesdays. Everyone close to us knows that these two days are when we get 'er done! Between soccer, preschool, chess and our other obligations we are pretty busy! Today wasn't any different except our crazy day didn't exactly start this morning. It started last night at urgent care, Or "injured care" as Joe likes to call it. Joseph and I spent yet another night at urgent care for a bad stomache ache that wouldn't go away. After a prescription and some rest he was able to go back to school today. As for Noah and I, we took a break from our Wednesday grocery trips and went to a friend's house to work on a poster for Joe's school. We had a blast and came home covered in paint! Now fast forward with me past shampooing carpets and taking Noah to preschool and let's stop at my niece's birthday party. Yup, we squeezed a birthday party in before soccer practice! The boys had a blast until I, "Mother of the Year" gave Joseph pizza for dinner. I gave Joseph, my lactose intolerant child whose been suffering from stomach aches, cheese pizza!! Poor kid, sometimes I really wonder how he's made it this long. As if that wasn't enough, we had another party we were supposed to attend tonight, that didn't happen!

With all that being said and done, tonight I'm going to sleep early. I'm going to climb in my bed that my boys have also decided to call their own and thank God for another Wild Wednesday! We may not have accomplished everything on our Wednesday itinerary and Joe's stomach may hurt more than it did last night but at least we were blessed with another day!

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